How To Lighten Your Skin and Reduce The Skin Pigmentation Using PRIME BODY BLEACHING SET



PRIME BODY BLEACHING SET is a skin lightening method that has been associated with a lot of benefits. You can be sure that using this bleaching set will give your skin a lighter shade. In addition, it is guaranteed to reduce the skin pigmentation naturally.




  1. Wet the body with water and scrub skin with ample amount of Exfoliating Scrub and leave it for 3 minutes. Rinse it well.
  2. Use Black Bleaching Soap when taking a bath instead of ordinary soap. Rinse well.
  3. Pat dry the body with clean towel.
  4. To avoid dryness, apply generous amount of Therapeutic Dry Skin Lotion in the morning and Body Bleaching Lotion in the evening all over the body.
  5. Use Sunblock Lotion with SPF70 before going out.

Note: Avoid exposure to sunlight while on treatment. Use Hydrocortisone Cream if mild irritation occurs. Discontinue the use of product if irritation persists.

PRIME BODY BLEACHING SET can be purchased via
Modda Skin website:


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